Custom Server Privileged Access Policy and Guidelines

Two computers for use by members of CSC 297 Pervasive Computing have been installed in Hylan 301, one running Microsoft Windows 7 and one running Linux. Members of the class have administrator logins on these machines. Note that the passwords on these machines are different from the passwords on your undergraduate CS account. Web servers installed on these machines are visible only within the University of Rochester domain. You should make backups on other devices (your own laptop, a USB stick, and/or your regular CS account) of anything valuable you create on these machines. Because everyone in the class has administrator access, anyone could potentially delete your files, or render the machine inoperable for the remained of the semester.

You are provided elevated administrative access to enable you to complete your assignments and projects. These privileges are provided for the purpose of enabling students to make configurations to webservices configuration files and/or install web related software modules or tools for their class projects. Additionally students will gain some minimal experience with system configuration management.

University and Department Acceptable Use policies are in effect. Abuse of privileges will not be tolerated and the systems involved will be monitored for improper activity. Some administrative capabilities have powerful implications for abuse. We advise you to enjoy the privilege for the intended coursework. Any abuse or malicious use of the elevated credentials will be swiftly addressed and could result in consequences affecting your Department status and/or your University status.

You should not make any global system configuration changes, network changes or user account changes, nor should you install software that is not necessary to complete your course work. The system should only be used to complete course work for the intended course. Any other course work or general computing should be done on another machine.

If you aren't sure if you should do something or try something please ask your instructor first. If they are unable to answer your questions, please have the instructor contact the lab staff for assistance.