Project 1: Exploring a Platform

Explore the platform, and present a 45 minute tutorial to the class. Include a demonstration of something you built. See the Calendar page for the date you will be presenting.

Your presentation should be a tutorial for the class on the topic. It should include:
  • The platform's API
  • Development tools for the platform
  • Available libraries
  • Details of the demonstration system you implemented
    • Go through your code in code in detail, explaining what each line does
    • Talk about problems / surprises / discoveries you made while creating the demonstration
    • Your demonstration system can be based on one already posted to this wiki or elsewhere, but should include at least a few modifications
  • Where to find more information about the platform

Update the wiki pages to include everything you covered in your presentation, plus whatever other useful information you found. For topics where the wiki currently has an empty page, follow the general structure of the existing platform pages in organizing your material. You are encouraged to make use of information you find anywhere on the web, but be sure to verify that what you post on the class pages is correct! If you copy text from other websites (as opposed to simply linking to them), be sure to include a citation. You should finish updating the wiki pages by October 6.

If you take equipment out of the lab, please indicate that did so by editing the equipment signout page. Do not use the Dremel kit in the lab itself, you need to use it someplace where the metal or plastic dust it creates is not a problem (e.g. outside using an extension cored). Be sure to borrow a set of eye protection (in the large toolbox) if you use it. Similarly, only use the soldering kit in a well-ventilated area, and always wear eye protection when soldering.

Slush Fund: If you need minor parts that we do not have in our supply cabinet to complete your project, please go ahead and buy them at Radio Shack or a similar store. Save your receipts, and I will reimburse you. If the cost is more than $15 or so, please check with me first.


Mindwave- Kyle Murray + Sam White
AR Drone Quadcopter - Eliezer Glick + Eddie Samuels
Insteon & Mobile Web Programming - Aaron Berkowitz + Micah Fujiwara
Arduino & USB Gadgets - Chelsea Flint + Dan Panzarella + Gabe Unger
Sifteo - Harry Ledley + Julian Herwitz
Kinect - Erin Brady + Anna Loparev + Shantonu Hossain
iRobot - Sam Atlas + David Klein
Wii - Jason He + Simon Weber
Remote Classroom Technology - Jesse Sanford