Green Team


- Make a green product.

1/2 Dozen Ideas:
  1. Use the AR.Drone to chase an airplane and destroys it. "Real" weapons would be attached to the AR.Drone so that it could destroy any other objects in the air.
  2. Motion activated dance floor (Kinect). Dancing style/speed influences which song / genre is being played.
  3. Kinect to track sports.... like tennis balls, golf hits. multiplayer wall thing.
  4. Roomba Fetch: Use Sifteo cubes, one attached to a Roomba, to see when two devices connect. Steer the Roomba
  5. Use GPS logger data to have the AR.Drone replay the path.
  6. Wiimote points to control the Roomba and/or AR.Drone.
  7. Alarm system, powered by Kinect, which sends the Roomba and AR.Drone to fend off the intruder.
  8. Control / steer a ball with an Arduino and ball controller inside, so the ball reacts to the accelerometer.
  9. Attach helium balloon to the AR.Drone and use it to lift the drone. This way, the drone has an operating timespan that is greatly increased because it only has to turn on to steer and change elevation. The balloon would be filled to the extent that the drone would stay at mostly the same altitude.
  10. 3rd-person mode. Glasses show a live video feed from the AR.Drone. The feed is displayed on a phone or other screened device.
  11. Use Kinect to create an 'instant iPod commercial' mode, which creates a real-time version of the traditional silhouette iPod commercials.

(using 1 or more devices/topics)


  1. You walk into a room, and a Kinect detects the person and starts playing music and generating an iPod commercial based on the person who just walked into the room. Also, the lights turn on.
  2. Arduino/accelerometer controlled ball controls the tempo of the currently-playing music.
  3. Attach USB rocket launcher to the AR.Drone, and use it to attack other objects in the area (the plane from idea #1).