Day 1 Summary


quad copter + cell phone - make a wifi hotspot on the phone, tether the copter to it. it can then fly anywhere, and if it gets lost, can be tracked down with gps
Use GPS logger data to have the AR.Drone replay the path.
Attach USB rocket launcher to the AR.Drone, and use it to attack other objects in the area.
Quadcopter + Roombas: program Drone to autonomously find the roombas
Mindwave to control Quadcoptor - Have the attention meter control the height, the meditation meter control the angle (or vice versa)
Wiimote points to control the Roomba and/or AR.Drone.
sifteo + quad copter - images on the cubes, detection on the quadcopter.
Alarm system, powered by Kinect, which sends the Roomba and AR.Drone to fend off the intruder.
3rd-person mode. Glasses show a live video feed from the AR.Drone. The feed is displayed on a phone or other screened device.
kinect gesture control + roomba - for a gesture control shopping cart that follows you through the store.

Games & Sports

mindwave - some kind of game where one person wears it and tries to focus, and other try to distract them
Mindwave controls USB Rocket Launcher - Pay attention. Fires a warning shot when attention is low.
Kinect to track sports.... like tennis balls, golf hits. multiplayer wall thing.
Kinect to track sports + INSTEON: Activate a scoreboard, lights when points scored.
Kinect to track sports + Arduino (Netduino) /web programming - Pickup game notification

Music / Art

Roomba + mobile web + GPS: DJ Roomba
DJ roomba + kinect face detection: find people and demand music suggestions
Piano/sound stairs (Arduino) w/ web programming - you can trigger sounds by stepping on stairs, but add web component to change sounds/keys. Use Mechanical turk to change the noises each time.
Arduino/web programming light display - Light-up image controlled by anonymous people/workers (light-bright).
Kinect/INSTEON - Trigger lights when someone enters the room. Strobe lights when it sees dancing. Generates music based on body movement/steps
Use Kinect to create an 'instant iPod commercial' mode, which creates a real-time version of the traditional silhouette iPod commercials.

Tangible Interfaces

kinect - gesture control for computer
sifteo neighbor sharing + qr codes: three sources of info on each, attaching another cube to a source makes it more important (more space to show info) and the other cube can become some kind of helper. ex: twitter, digg, blog feeds on each, attach digg to twitter to see more twitter and the other becomes a retweet cube or a QR to the tweet
sifteo: use as simulation of transferring info. ex: 3 sifteos "linked" to different computers, bump on to different ones to transfer things across computers
Control / steer a ball with an Arduino and ball controller inside, so the ball reacts to the accelerometer.

Building Sensing & Automation

Kinect or sifteo: tracking seats in the library, patrons can look up where seats are available, loud/quiet study areas
Kinect or arduino: tracking how full dining halls are
arduino + motors: automated hurricane shutters when a national weather service alert is issued
Wiimote/INSTEON for lights - Turn them on/off with wiimote.
INSTEON/web programming - Control home automation via web & show what's on or off