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Day 1 Technology Inspired Idea Summary

Needs Inspired

Human Scale Development Matrix

Being (qualities)
Having (things)
Doing (actions)
Interacting (settings)
physical and mental health
food, shelter, work
feed, clothe, rest, work
living environment, social setting
care, adaptability, autonomy
social security, health systems, work
co-operate, plan, take care of, help
social environment, dwelling
respect, sense of humour, generosity, sensuality
friendships, family, relationships with nature
share, take care of, make love, express emotions
privacy, intimate spaces of togetherness
critical capacity, curiosity, intuition
literature, teachers, policies, educational
analyse, study, meditate, investigate,
schools, families, universities, communities,
receptiveness, dedication, sense of humour
responsibilities, duties, work, rights
cooperate, dissent, express opinions
associations, parties, churches, neighbourhoods
imagination, tranquillity, spontaneity
games, parties, peace of mind
day-dream, remember, relax, have fun
landscapes, intimate spaces, places to be alone
imagination, boldness, inventiveness, curiosity
abilities, skills, work, techniques
invent, build, design, work, compose, interpret
spaces for expression, workshops, audiences
sense of belonging, self-esteem, consistency
language, religions, work, customs, values, norms
get to know oneself, grow, commit oneself
places one belongs to, everyday settings
autonomy, passion, self-esteem, open-mindedness
equal rights
dissent, choose, run risks, develop awareness

Needs Inspired Ideas

  1. Knowing where elderly people are and are they okay, without needing camera because that is creepy. Insteon motion sensors, kinect to "see" what they are doing - description rather than a image in order to preserve privacy. (Recent paper: crowd-sourcing of training to classifier - VLHCC last month.)
  2. Leisure - music system automatically lowers volume if it hears people talking. Could use keywords such as name or speaker recognition in order to determine who is talking. For mobile version, adjust sensitivity based on motion / location.
  3. Need: Communication. Call someone without interrupting. Methods: check calendar, check GPS location. Automatic status. Phone knows not to ring in meeting - there's an app for that - use calendar to mark busy events. Use new iPhone location notification API? Idea: phone silencing room. Problem: illegal.
  4. Task management: turn sifteo cubes into postit notes.
  5. Creation need. Better cheaper smart board. Wii mote, arduino, etc. Past ECE project -- Forbes competition - senior design project - pico projector + wii. Classroom technology. Possible to use wii mote to capture handwriting like a smart pen? Or add LED to pen & use camera as well. Chalk holder with LED light in it activated by pressure switch, camera captures what is written on board.
  6. Arduino you can leave in your mailbox, that emails you when someone puts mail in your mailbox. Use a proximity sensor to tell if something has been added to the box.
  7. Use Mindwave to improve your reading comprehension. Also use mouse motion etc to detect what part of text is being displayed. Could do a scientific study of whether person remembered parts of text where concentration was higher. Could use eye tracking monitor for precise location.
  8. Love and affection: continuous speed dating using GPS. Similar to flash mobs.
  9. Love and affection: read "body language" using Kinect to determine if one person is "interested" in another. Deploy in party, at end print out proposed dates.

Project 2 Topic and Team Proposals