Blue Team


  • sifteo + quad copter - images on the cubes, detection on the quadcopter
  • quad copter + cell phone - make a wifi hotspot on the phone, tether the copter to it. it can then fly anywhere, and if it gets lost, can be tracked down with gps
  • sensor (kinect, wiimote...) + moveable platform (iRobot, quadcopter, person...) - ?
  • kinect - gesture control for computer
  • mindwave - some kind of game where one person wears it and tries to focus, and other try to distract them
  • mindwave - logging attention during some kind of task/game
  • sifteo - something with QR codes

Mashups with Red Team
  • sifteo neighbor sharing + qr codes: three sources of info on each, attaching another cube to a source makes it more important (more space to show info) and the other cube can become some kind of helper. ex: twitter, digg, blog feeds on each, attach digg to twitter to see more twitter and the other becomes a retweet cube or a QR to the tweet
  • kinect as sensor + sifteo as output: ?
  • sifteo: use as simulation of transferring info. ex: 3 sifteos "linked" to different computers, bump on to different ones to transfer things across computers
  • DJ roomba + kinect face detection: find people and demand music suggestions